Thursday, January 31, 2019

Picking up where we left off...

Hello again everyone, I will be starting again on my project again, and I will try to improve and come up with an actual story... Kinda. Anyways, while I will be developing my game, the one big thing I will need help on is creating graphics for the game. I am asking anyone who would be interested in helping me with graphic designing for my game, you can contact me on Discord at Guard15#6516 or at On that note, let God Z's reign continue!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Website and Game Update

Welcome back! I'll be making a short announcement that website is starting to being updated wit a few things here and there. Also, I am updating "Sielinski's Dream" and will be releasing 2.0 soon. My goal to have it release will be April 1, 2017. The game "Flappy Math" is lost for now since my only backup is missing and the original is back at another place where I can't access it. Please know everybody that I intend to make Sielinski happy by defeating his worst enemy, Mr. Z (Greg Zajicek). To close this off, I'll be giving you what "Brent Sielinski" means.

"Personality areas such as stubbornness or obsession can be seen as an asset and a crutch at the same time. It depends on the circumstances.

You are practical and down to earth. Always organized and methodical in most aspects of life. Having systems already in place for most situations. Not a big friend of surprises, instead you prefer controlled environments where you know what you get. A logical person who is decisive, by using a calm step by step approach to solving problems.

Once hired to do a job, your dedication begins to show. Advancing your career by being precise, tenacious and persistent, you seek to establish a solid foundation. Of course it is all part of your plan. You have great potential for success, but only if you can overcome the limits and obstacles that life throws at your feet so often.

Justice and honesty are sacred for you. People know you as reliable and secure. Although not being an idealist, you are ready to work for a better world helping the community. However at time you can also be rigid regarding your ideas, which can lead to fast judgments over others. Loyalty to loved ones is almost guaranteed. Able to work well in a team environment. It is important that while being part of a team, to get yourself responsibilities and well defined tasks.
Knowing your boundaries and duties will make you perform better at the given function. Your potential for success is particularly good in areas such as banking, accounting, management, organization, construction, agriculture, science and the legal field. But be careful not to be authoritarian and harsh.

You have a rare discipline and a real perseverance and not everyone can follow it. Able to handle money carefully you like the security of a nest egg. Because of your systematic nature, there is a risk to easily become rigid and get stuck in dogmas. You may also be too careful when modifications or changes are needed. This can result in missing the opportunities that arise.

Try to cultivate the flexibility of your character. This path is well suited for marriage and often becomes a responsible, loving parent. However anything that infringes your deep sense of order, such as separation, can be a shattering experience. A true survivor with a brave heart."

- Source from

Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome to Beta-Games Dev.

Hello. I would like to say most of this site under construction but we will have it done soon.